• name: vivi
  • age: seventeen but eighteen in like 16 days [deep voice] oh god i’m going to be a fucking adult
  • site status: returning because souls was my lifeline and hafsa is a fucking dweeb who won’t let me live my life in peace
  • describe yourself in a brief paragraph: i’m currently a high school senior and my interests include: greek mythology, natalie dormer, and crying about various characters because i, too, am a dweeb. you can check out my personal/main blog at hellmouths (it says sara because vivi is just an alias i use for online stuff and i’m too lazy to make the full switch) but i’m really excited for all of you :*
  • favourite plots/characters/tropes: my favorite character of all time is my morally ambiguous mary macdonald because she’s So Much and also my oldest character - there’s a few more that i love with all of my heart and i’ll probably list them extensively later on but just know that all of my characters are #dweebs. all of my plots vary and it just really depends but i’m down for everything under the sun. i live for tropes because i am a huge fucking nerd but i live for the from pawn to player trope or the unreliable narrator or ambiguous queens in power.
  • favorite indulgences: song of achilles is my favorite book because sad, dead greeks in love. the mindy project, arrow, and scandal for my favorite television shows. but my favorite all time indulgence would be white boys because i am hella weak (max irons ha ha ha)
  • what are you most excited for?: eh
  1. Charles Macaulay: I’m gonna play a new drinking game, it’s called “Everytime I’m Depressed I Take A Drink.”
  2. Camilla Macaulay: That game exists. It's called "alcoholism"

sophie turner for karen millen’s fall campaign

She said—
I don’t need to be saved.
He smiled—
No, I’m the one who’s saved.
Heroics by a damsel (not in distress)

Here are the broken plates
mending inside of us, healing soft and pliant, bending like the necks of swans,
forgetting that they are glass.
Maybe we can forget, too,